Friday, May 24, 2024

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    Chinese Flying Car Tested in Dubai

    A Chinese company has tested a new electric flying car in Dubai. It is a prototype for a flying taxi that could someday transport people throughout the city. The vehicle, called the XPeng X2, was developed by the aviation affiliate of Guangzhou-based XPeng Inc. Although the flying car is already on display in Dubai, it will probably take many years before it can be commercialized.

    The Xpeng X2 is a prototype for the next generation of flying cars. It is a two-seater electric VTOL vehicle that can cruise at 130 km/h and fly for 35 minutes on a single charge. The company says the flight represents an important milestone and will be a base for future flying cars.

    The vehicle has an electric motor with eight propellers, two on each corner of the vehicle. The car can travel at 130 km/h, so it is ideal for point-to-point personal travel. It may also be a convenient way to ferry people across town. However, there are still many challenges in the development of an electric flying car. Among them are safety and air traffic control issues.

    The X2 is an experimental model, but it has received international attention. The company has set a target of three years for commercialization. Its X2 prototype has already been flying in the air in Dubai, and the next generation of flying car technology is expected to be unveiled later this month at 1024 XPENG Tech Day in Shanghai.

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