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    Netflix Has Announced a Spin-Off Series For Money Heist Berlin

    The protagonist of Money Heist Berlin is a young man with short dark brown hair and brown eyes. Berlin is a father and brings his son Rafael to his first heist. He develops feelings for Tatiana and is soon asked for a divorce by her. Later, he learns that Tatiana is cheating on him and trashes a hotel bar in a fit of rage. Then, he denies Tatiana her inheritance.

    Pedro Alonso

    Netflix has announced a spin-off series for Money Heist that will focus on Pedro Alonso’s character Berlin. Based on his character from the hit movie ‘Money Heist,’ the series will follow a group of would-be robbers who attempt to rob the Royal Mint in Spain. The series follows the characters as they work to steal the money and hide it. The series will be filmed in Madrid.

    The series follows a group of rogues as they commit a money heist in Europe while falling in love. The series will feature white-collar crime, romance and a good sense of humor. Look for a trailer to premiere soon on Netflix.

    Andres de Fonollosa (Berlin)

    In Money Heist, Andrés de Fonollosa is a fictional character portrayed by Pedro Alonso. He is a terminally ill grand larcenist, cracksman, and jewel thief. In addition, he is the Professor’s brother.

    The role of Andres de Fonollossa, better known by the code name “Berlin,” is an important part of the plot. He was the second in command of the Royal Mint of Spain heist, and he had already planned the Bank of Spain heist years before the robbery. Alonso is 20 years younger than Gomez, the actor who plays his younger self.

    His leadership qualities

    Berlin is a charismatic character, and despite the fact that he is a sociopath, the viewer still admires his leadership qualities and his ability to keep the gang together and safe. Although he is terminally ill at the end of Season 1, Berlin proves his leadership skills by putting himself in the line of fire in order to protect his gang from cops. In addition, his sarcastic personality made him likeable, even though he was also very cruel and selfish.

    During his first money heist, Berlin takes his son Rafael along. During the heist, Berlin notices that Rafael has feelings for Tatiana, and she asks for a divorce. Later, Berlin learns that Tatiana is cheating on him and he finds out. In his anger, he trashes a hotel bar and denies Tatiana her inheritance. Berlin has short, dark brown hair and brown eyes.

    His marriage

    His marriage to Tatiana Palermo was a failure. They have a son, Rafael, from a previous relationship. Rafael has a degree in cybersecurity and is a graduate of MIT. The two are not close, but Berlin does introduce his son to Tatiana.

    Berlin introduces Tatiana to the Professor as the most beautiful woman in the world, but she is also a liability. She is one of four wives that Berlin has already married. The Professor is the mastermind behind the Money Heist, and he has a simple rule that Berlin must follow: “Marry a thief once, and divorce her twice.” Berlin’s marriage to Tatiana is over.

    His future

    It’s unclear what Andres’s future will be after his money heist in Berlin. The series  is set to debut in 2022. The cast has not been announced yet, but we’re expecting more to be announced soon.

    Berlin is the older brother of Sergio, also known as The Professor. He is the second in command of a heist of the Royal Mint of Spain. He’s a sociopath, putting his life in danger to protect his gang from police. He’s also a victim of nerve disease.

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